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Monday, July 19th         Tuesday, July 20th

Confirmed invited speakers:

  • M. P. Allen (University of Warwick, UK): Monte Carlo Simulations of Platelets
  • R. Barberi (University of Calabria, Italy): Recent advances on nematic order reconstruction
  • V. A. Belyakov (L. D. Landau Institute for Theoretical Physics, Russia): Low Threshold Lasing in Photonic Liquid Crystals
  • N. A. Clark (University of Colorado, USA): Confinement effects in two dimensions on freely suspended liquid crystal films
  • M. Copic (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Nematic Fluctuations as a Probe the Properties of Liquid Crystal Elastomers
  • D. Finotello (Kent State University, USA): The physics of liquid crystals under confinement: Porous media, networks, and the future
  • J. Fukuda (AIST, Japan): Effect of strong confinement on defect structures of cholesteric blue phases
  • R. D. Kamien (University of Pennsylvania, USA): The power of Poincare: Elucidating the hidden symmetries in focal conic domains
  • S. Kralj (University of Maribor, Slovenia): Liquid crystal nematic configurations on thin films
  • O. D. Lavrentovich (Kent State University LCI, USA): Confinement of Chromonic Liquid Crystals in Phase Separated Crowded Solutions
  • T. C. Lubensky (University of Pennsylvania, USA): Nearly Isostatic Periodic Lattices
  • I. Musevic (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia): Liquid Crystal Optical Microcavities for Soft Photonics
  • V. M. Pergamenshchik (Korea University, Korea): Dipolar colloids in the nematostatics: tensorial structure, symmetry, different types, and pictures
  • P. Poulin (Universite´ de Bordeaux, France): Carbon nanotube based liquid crystals
  • M. Ravnik (University of Oxford, UK): Liquid crystal colloids: functionalization of inclusions and continuum
  • I. I. Smalyukh (University of Colorado at Boulder, USA): Optically- and electrically-controlled topological defect architectures in confined chiral liquid crystals
  • H. Stark (Technische Universitaet Berlin, Germany): How colloidal particles and nanorods order on quasicrstalline substrates
  • H. Yokoyama (Kent State University LCI, USA): Programmed Generation and Manipulation of Disclinations by Two Dimensional Constraints
  • B. Zalar (Jozef Stefan Institute, Slovenia): NMR of Demixing and Phase Separation in Liquid Crystals
  • C. Zannoni (Universita di Bologna, Italy): Liquid crystals organizations from the bulk to surfaces
  • S. Zumer (University of Ljubljana, Slovenia): Nematic Colloid as a topological playground

  • "Jožef Stefan" Institute

    University of Ljubljana
    Faculty of Mathematics
    and Physics

    Center of Excellence